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nina hartley porn sites A couple of days ago I volunteered in Leta’s kindergarten class for a writing workshop they hold every week, and since I show up early for everything I got to talk to her teacher while the kids finished playing outside. She said Leta was integrating well and asked how it was at home with the newborn, and suddenly I’m reflexively gushing about how much I love it and can’t get enough.

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harry potter toon porn And I found myself wanting to talk about how that morning when Marlo woke up at 3 AM to feed I couldn’t wait to snuggle her up under my arm and lie there with her fuzzy head up under my chin. OH! And our favorite part of the day now is the moment Leta pokes her head into our bedroom in the morning and whispers with a scream, “IS THE BABY AWAKE?!” Her head a giant mushroom cloud of tangles as she runs and hops up in between us, and Marlo looks up with a grin so wide there is no room left on the bed.

exploited black teen pics Yeah, there are really frustrating times, experiences everyone has as they juggle this kid off to school while trying to make the house quiet for the other kid’s nap. And work and errands jammed into the tiny cracks of time left in the day. But that baby… I don’t know how to explain what she’s done to me, to Jon, and especially to Leta who loves her more than anything else in her life, who now shows a level of tenderness and generosity that I didn’t know she possessed. It’s like Marlo has brought us to Here, with the capital H, that place we’ve always been trying to get to, the place that always seemed unattainable and out of reach. She’s brought us into The Now, and it feels absolutely magical.

woman horse sex videos I will always remember how hard it was the first time, and I will always sympathize with women who struggle they way that I did. But now I feel like I can understand the others who beamed when talking about life with an infant. I get it now. Yes, I know this makes me some droning mommyblogger, but I also hope that this, from the perspective of someone who has lived through the blinding demons of sadness and hopelessness, might give someone out there a glimpse of what it can be, and maybe they’ll go for it.

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    jasmine and jafar sex Exactly how I felt (and still feel) after my second. And he was the colicky screaming nightmare, but even so – minus the weight of the post partum depression, it felt like heaven. He is a supremely grumpy 1 year old now and it still feels that way. Enjoy, it gets better and better.. my girl is also a wonderful big sister. I feel like he completed me in a way I would never have been without him. I get it. Bless you guys.

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    olive oil sex lube Seeing my siblings interact is as close to finding religion as I get. It’s truly magical. In a sappy mom blogger kind of way.

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    ebony granny sex videos And now my pregnant self is a weepy mess in my office chair.

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    nude hidden camera video Your story is very inspirational to me. I had a very difficult labor and delivery with my now 2 year old son, not in the way you did, but difficult none the less. Your story thinks that maybe I can too have a second child. Maybe the baby girl I’d love to have or another boy for my son to play.

    statistics of teen drinking Thank you. For sharing your life and your story. It really does make a difference in peoples lives. You’ll never know how much you’ve helped me. I too, suffer from anxiety and that worry often stops me in my tracks.

    lara croft naked pictures Thank you…Angel

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    porno de britney spears Droning mommyblogger, whatever. Still keeps me laughing my ass off.

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    tattoos of naked women love the Wilco! love the baby!

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    free porn videos streaming My third brought the joy into our house. We are all in love with her funny, sweet, wild self.

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    jaime pressley nude video aaaw they are so cute them two!

    carlie christine nude pic I still don’t want one of my own though, but you guys should have a third so I wouldn’t have to! ;D

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    hannah montana fully nude Heather, your family is just beautiful. Congrats on all your happiness, it was a long road for you to get Here and I’m cheering you on all the way! Drone away, the Haters are the only ones who will mind 🙂

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    jessica lynn porn hub That is amazing. And you should gush in a sappy mommyblogger kinda way. You’re allowed.

    free video porn hub And I’m working on that feeling. I love both girls very much and I keep being told that I make it look really easy but there are days that I kinda want to hide. But then again, Cara loves her sister just not in a benevolent, self-less kinda way. 🙂

    zane's sex chronicles episode Congrats on beating those demons back. You deserved it.

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    better sex videos clips I would like to take this opportunity to publicly state that Michelle Rebeiro Yoakum Mcbee is a nut-bag!

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    zac efron nude scene Oh, that made me cry! So adorable. Sorry for asking but I’m clueless w/ music, but what’s the song playing?

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    jessica simpson naked breasts I felt that overwhelming emotion with my second child too. Which may explain how we ended up with a 3rd just 16 months later. You know that whole Momversation topic… watch out Heather. The Emotions, with a capital E make you do wild, crazy things.

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    lauren conrad sex pics Yes, that’s exactly how it felt when we had our second child, like he filled a void we didn’t know was there. Congratulations, Heather! <3

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    cheryl ladd naked pics Thank you for making me bawl and want another baby stat.

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    friends mom sex video That is so beautiful. I have a four month old and I struggled with PPD. I decided to get medicated at my 6 week appointment and it was the best decision I could have made. I really struggled those first few weeks, but every day is getting a little better, a little easier, and I’m starting to understand and enjoy this time.

    kim possible porn picture Your babies are beautiful. Leta looks so grown up loving on her little sister.

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    watch free arab porn dude – why did that video make me cry – how sweet!

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    gyno sex free video I’m struggling, realizing I might be pregnant with our first child and its unplanned and unexpected and scary but I just watched this, tears rolling down my cheek as I realize how absolutely, utterly breath-taking a child, a family can be.

    family guy porn episode Thank you for sharing it with us.

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    xo Laura

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    Wait till they start fighting from the minute they get up till the minute they go to bed. Enjoy it now, pretty soon the older one will pinch the younger one just to see what happens. HA!

    wwe melina porn pics BTW, the music is a bit sappy dontcha think? Liittlllee over the top folks.

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    porn games to download Beautiful post—lovely video. Thanks for sharing the love! And I’m sure you’ll always be cool and hip.

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    chinese girls nude videos Awwww…now I’m sad that I’ll never have another.

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    free fantasy forced sex How sweet! Please, more Marlo and Leta!
    You’re doing a great job.

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    rufa mae sex scandal There is often so much worry about when it’s the right time for the second….and then you have the second and it’s the best thing in the world! None of the fear and the overwhelming worry of the first, and you can just enjoy. I’m so, so glad you’re not battling your demons this time!

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    amy winehouse naked beach My younger sister is 7 years younger to the day, and I’m so glad that I have clear memories of her coming home. And how I cried inconsolably when my dad wouldn’t let me hold her right away. My mom eventually let me and there’s a pic of me with my eyes and nose all red from crying, but with the biggest smile on a 7 year old’s face holding a bright pink newborn who’s screaming her head off. But I didn’t care – it was bliss. I can’t wait to have my own one day, but that sisterly bound is something that cannot be replicated. Congrats on your beautiful family.

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    girls having sex vedios Perfect. That moment when you realize that THIS is the way it is supposed to be can make up for so much that was bad.

    big breasted blonde teen Great story!

    ninel conde sex scene BTW, LOVE THE HATE SECTION!!! (I had to scream with such excitement!) I added a link to your hate section on my blog!

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    naked girls at beach I meant seeing my kids interact with their siblings. Gah. I botch my first comment here. That sucks!

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    free tara reid porn That video is beautiful, it made my day brighter! Thanks.

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    free german granny porno Wow some people are so miserable with their lives that they have to rain on the moments that MOST of us want to enjoy… Obviously we are all not completely unrealistic to think life is this perfect little fairytale, but why is it so wrong to enjoy it when it is… (response to anonymous 24)

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    japanese forced sex movies They’re so lovely. Leta is so caring. I’m pregnant with my first and it’s a boy. I hope one day, I’ll have a girl. You guys and the dogs are awesome. Wish you all the best.

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    lots of sex videos Awe-inspiring…I’m so, so happy for the four of you!!

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    very old pussy videos So happy that you’re knowing this joy.

    videos gratis largos porno Commenter #24 just said you’re living in a dreamworld, and they’ll fight and hate each other in the future. And they will. But that only seems like more of a reason to embrace the times when your children are a pleasure. Life is pain AND pleasure. People who see only the pain are as unrealistic as people who see only the pleasure.

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    paz vega sex tape heather, i have no kids but this week for the first time in my career i was let go from a job. a job i worked REALY hard to get. a job i thought was the holy grail of my industry, when really it was like a duck – serene on the surface but paddling like fuck all below the water. i have many great friends around to encourage me right now, but i would like for you to know that its posts like yours today that help me keep things in perspective, and give me so much faith in myself and my ability to go on. i know you have alot of haters, but you must know that your courageous honesty helps so many. thank you.

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    ex girlfriend porn clips Heather,
    I volunteered in my daughter’s kindergarten class for the first time today. And then I got back home to my 19 month old and he seemed so small and precious! It’s amazing what a little perspective can do! Life is good. I’m glad yours is, too!

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    little teen gets fucked That video brought tears to my eyes . . . So happy for you heather.

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    zelda and peach porn Very sweet. I’m expecting my second child next Spring, and hoping very much that this time around I’ll be more able to enjoy those early months that were lost in a fog of tears and stress last time. So glad it’s going well for all of you.

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    hard core movie sex Found the blog via Jezebel on Monetizing Hate. Love it. Congrats on the newborn gushiness. I miss that phase…

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    vintage porn kay parker Heather-this is so beautiful. You should be very happy with your family! I am cheering you on.

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    paris hilton lesbian porn I am so glad that you get to have these feelings this time around!

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    thanks for being wonderful 🙂

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    hot young actresses nude GREAT video…makes me miss my little sisters. 🙂 I’m happy you’ve found this happy place!

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    lost in beijing nude This is the peephole into my future, Heather. My 8-month old girl needs a sibling, and I’ve been scared.

    jennfer love hewitt nude But women are incredible and I’M a woman, so I’ll find a way to do it.

    free sex board game This story, your story, is the evidence of things hoped for. Blessings

    free watch movie porn P.S. I love the hate page. I wish I could comment on the comments.

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Heather B. Armstrong

miley cyrus all nude Hi. I’m Heather B. Armstrong, and this used to be called mommy blogging. But then they started calling it Influencer Marketing: hashtag ad, hashtag sponsored, hashtag you know you want me to slap your product on my kid and exploit her for millions and millions of dollars. That’s how this shit works. Now? Well… sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

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